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May 16, 2012
Kwame Nkrumah Univeristy of Science and Technology
00233 243 320 493
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Kumasi, Ghana

The Knowledge Channel headed in London is a training and capacity development organisation that uses an IT driven delivery system to distribute e-training programmes via its website, via smart phones and through bespoke conventional workshops. The vision of The Knowledge Channel is to be a channel that uses multimedia to educate, enlighten and empower.

The Agro mindset Organisation shall collaborate with high level institutions, industries, commercial and government entities to help in capacity-building. We are having our first Webinar on 4th April 2012 on the topic “ SURVIVING THE ADVERSE EFFECT OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON AFRICA’S AGRIC PRODUCTION SECTOR ”.

Agriculture unarguably is Africa’s most significant economic sector, responsible for almost one third of the African countries’ GDP, and employs more than 60 percent of the population.

Many youths completing education in institutions of learning have not been empowered enough to understand the requirements for profitable agricultural production and are engaged in daily search of scarce white collar jobs but the youth have a critical opportunity to play a role in its development, but young graduates are not thinking about it as an option.

Agriculture in Africa requires modernisation, and new mind sets, there’s great potential in agriculture for the youth, but only if mindsets change now! The future of agriculture relies on the younger generation coming through to provide succession, add enthusiasm, bring fresh ideas and drive innovation.

To us, as long as agricultural growth in Sub-Saharan Africa remains below 3% annually, food security is wishful thinking.

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