about-agromindsetOur “Green Revolution” does not contradict that of the mid-20th century which succeeded in Asia with success beginning in the 1960’s with the introduction of improved fertilizer-responsive, high-yielding varieties which consequently trebled yield effect of rice, maize and wheat cultivars and reduced poverty amongst Africa’s 70 percent poor.

Two big problems in Africa now are food insecurity and global booming youth population facing daunting employment prospects which can be shot with the agriculture double-barrelled gun because of contribution to GDP in agrarian countries.

Our “Green Revolution” focuses exclusively on educating the youth on the prospects of agriculture, encouraging students to pursue agriculture related programmes in higher academia as we mount this campaign in the agriculture industry. We focus on breaking stereotypes and awakening young people to an industry that is exciting, dynamic and vital to the future of the planet as we establish global, sustainable platforms to create a sustainable positive change. Our strategy for engaging young people in agriculture is a bottom up approach which acknowledges uncertainty which puts the changing environment into consideration.

The Organisation continues to evolve, reflecting an ever-changing world, which drives the development of our areas of work. If you are considering joining us at Agro Mindset Organisation as an organisational, associate or student member you can be sure of a very warm welcome. We attract the youth to agri-business, and start an innovation marketplace to launch new ideas and support young entrepreneurs with advisory services.

Our Vision:

- To build a green revolution where young people having attained academic skill and knowledge relating to agriculture can develop the skill and knowledge towards career requirements and industry expectation, harness opportunities to learn, apply and transfer skills in a variety of settings.

-  To add value to every possible way of seeking innovation.

-  To become a world class pan-African university, educating a new generation of entrepreneurial minded agriculturalists in Africa; to nurture within our students the critical reasoning and problem solving skills and the interest to take up the vast opportunities in agrarian countries in the continent.

Our mission

We work to stir up urgency in the area of agriculture in the youth; poise them about its impact and benefits, its self-employment role and wealth creation, consistent with national objectives and trustees expectations.

Our ethics

We espouse our moral principles and values as a sustainable business paradigm for success, significance and an abundant life which are;


Our objectives

  • Educate the youth on the prospects of agriculture, its self-employment and wealth creation roles.
  • Support sister organisations and individuals who share our vision for a more sustainable system and the power of international information exchange.
  • Empower slum-children slum-women with literacy programmes in rural localities.
  • Encourage high school students with the quest for academia to pursue Agriculture and related programmes at higher levels.
  • Provide consultancy services for new Agricultural developers.
  • Motivate, inspire and challenge the private sector to venture agribusiness.
  • Set goals, plan, review strategies and actions in agricultural businesses for the private sector.